Along The Way

As you build your networking business – along the way you are going to encounter a few PIGS.

From our experience – unless you know how to control and work with PIGS – you are in for a terrible time.

By the way PIGS stands for “Professional Information Gathers.”

These unique people have to know everything. This is especially true for nutritional networking. While you can give them all the information that a normal person wants – including ingredients – why the product works so well – and testimonials of folks you know who are using the product…

A typical PIG wants to know things like

Who formulated the product?

How much boob whoop and poor doop does one need to use with the product to enjoy the taste – or other benefits.

Does the product meet the tenants of their strict religious practices – or the practices of a friend who lives in another country they want to share the product with?

I could go on and on for another hour writing about the needs of PIGS.

But here’s the bottom line. You’ll never satisfy them. Once you answer the first few questions – they’ll think up a dozen more to get you to research for them before they decide whether or not they wish to try the product.

In essence a PIG has an insatiable appetite for listing to their own questions and wanting to make you jump to answer them.

So how do you work with a PIG? The answer is real simple.

When you identify a PIG gnawing at your ankle – this is what you say.

“You know that’s a great set of questions – and I really don’t know the answers to them. But if you will call Mr X, – and go to the follow research articles –– and then call Dr Y with the company – I’m certainly you’ll be able to get the answers you are looking for.

“Oh by he way – I’m going to get a number of folks asking me the same questions – so I’d really appreciate your jotting down some notes and giving me the answers to these – maybe a paragraph or so – or a couple of pages. I’d really appreciate learning what you found out.”

In essence – turn the PIG into your research assistant. Get him routing around in someone else’s garden – and invite him back to share what he has found, and then join your group as the resident expert on the PIG type questions.

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