Just Over Broke

Don’t let anyone kid you. From my experience there is no real joy in holding a job – working for someone else – other than the fact that you get a regular pay check.

The word job – really and truly means “Just Over Broke” – or put another way “Too Much Month At The End Of The Money.”

Holding a job confines you to building someone else’s dreams, taking orders on what to do – how to do it – and when to do it – from your “boss.” “Bosses” come in all sizes, shapes and forms. What irked me in life was the “stupid size.” I could never get over that folks who held a position over me – who I had to work for – were really not that smart. They simply had lasted far longer in a system – that I hated.

By nature – I’m a risk taker. I’m an entrepreneur. I like working for myself. I hate working for someone else. In my lifetime I have had five jobs. I hold an under graduate degree in accounting. I’ve managed to practice this profession maybe 6 weeks in my lifetime – in two different positions. The word position is a nice way of saying “job.”

The first “job” ended in four weeks when the CPA firm I was working for discovered that my father-in-law at the time owned a competing CPA firm. Were the bosses afraid I was a spy? Who knows? I justify that my services were no longer needed. The second position ended in two weeks – when I came to the conclusion that everyone who worked for the firm I was working at were fools – for simply holding their “jobs.” I quit. I hated the atmosphere. I hated the environment. I hated the 8 to 5 routine. I was a rotten employee – because I was a “don’t wanter.” I simply did not want to hold a job.

In my lifetime I’ve managed to hold three other jobs – for a bit longer in life. During the Vietnam War era I was a Captain in the Medical Service Corp in the U.S. Army. I started in that job as a Second Lieutenant – and managed to get two promotions – and three years later – after earning an MBA from the University of Colorado (while I was on active duty) – the Army was in my past and I was looking for a way to support a nasty habit that I had attained. What was the habit? I needed to find a way to support a wife and three kids (from my first marriage). I needed a job.

I did get a job with a fancy title – of “Manager of Corporate Service” – for what was at that time one of America’s fast growing public companies. I lasted one year. I hated the job. I hated the politics. I was good at what I did – but I saw that a job really did mean “Just Over Broke” – and “Too Much Month At The End Of The Money.”

My solution to finding happiness was to turn myself into a College Professor. For two years I taught (full time) at the University of Baltimore – and one additional year at a college that was later merged into the University of Baltimore. Bottom line – even these positions – which did not require an 8 to 5 office day – were not to my liking.

When back in 1971 – my wife (at the time) and kids moved back to Florida – I was a full fledged entrepreneur – without many prospects. I knew what I didn’t want to be – but I just didn’t know what I wanted to do.

What I did learn from this entire process is that I didn’t want to live the good life of having too much month at the end of the money. I certainly did not want to work for someone else. I wanted to work for myself.

For anyone who has my temperament – who is willing to gamble on themselves – who does not have direction or a place to go – look into Network Marketing. Working within the Network Industry can be a pretty place to hang your hat for the rest of your working life.

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