Going To College

I used to be a College Professor – so I can tell numerous “college stories.” Here’s two of them – see if they ring true for you.

My experience in most cases is that College Professors are incompetents. If they were highly competent – they would be out in the world practicing what they are trying to teach – earning for more money that what they earn teaching.

Mind you – some educators have made their professional mark in the world – earned a lot of money – and decided it is time to give back. I applaud these people. But most educators – teach because they find the teaching world a kinder gentler place in which to abide – without the harsh realities of earning a living in the work-a-day world.

Worse yet – when an educator is so incompetent in the classroom – as to be a disruptive force in the college – and is tenured (which means they cannot easily be fired) – the only thing that the school can do with that educator or make them part of the administration – say an Assistant Dean – maybe in charge of student parking.

So the Possick corollary is “(For the most part) Incompetents teach – and incompetent incompetents are administrators.”

My second college story – revolves around young people who cross my path – and need a way of understanding the Network Marketing Industry. They are looking at the Networking Industry with the eyes of a job seeker.

This sets the stage. Here’s how the conversation goes from there.

Q. Tell me – did you go to college and graduate?
A. Yes – I have a degree in_________.

Q.Why did you go to college?
A. To earn a better living – to get a higher paying job.

Q.In this area of the country – how much does a High School Graduate earn?
A. Maybe $20,000 to $30,000 a year.

Q.College graduates – in this area of the country – how much can they earn?
A. Maybe $50,000 or a bit more a year

Q. OK – tell me how much does a college education cost?
A. For four years maybe $100,000 to $150,000 in total.

Q. So let’s see – you pay $100,000 to $150,000 to get a four year education – you give up four years of your life and work hard to get that education and for that you are able to earn an extra $20,000 a year. Is that right?
A. Yes

Q. Now you are looking at Network Marketing. Would you be willing to trade me 4 years of your life – to work hard – I’ll teach you what to do – if at the end of those four years – if you’ve followed my instruction – you can earn that extra $20,000 a year plus one small additional item – like a zero?
A. A zero?

Q. Yes a zero – like $200,000 or more a year. And oh by the way – you won’t have to pay me the $100,000 to $150,000 you paid your university. I don’t charge for the education – and you can earn some money along the way.
A. Are you willing to give me the four years?

Invariably the answer is yes. And those are my two college stories.

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