Meet Charles

As you browse through my blog – you’ll quickly see that the content could be formatted into a major book on the network marketing industry. Why did I not publish this material in book format and sell it to you the reader?

The answer is very simple. Network marketing offers a place to earn a righteous living. You can help others find products that will help them. And because you offer this help – you can earn income in the process.

Network marketing can also be a place filled with hype and the worst sort of hucksterism. In my life in the networking industry – I’ve seen both facets.

I’ve chosen to pursue the better part of it in my life time – helping others discover that they can be doctors of their own bodies – helping educate them about exceptional nutraceutical products.

The industry has helped me raise a family. It’s helped me put kids through college. It’s offered my kids an alternative to the work-a-day world of living “just over broke” in a “heaven forbid” job.

I’ve chosen to offer this material to you the browser at “no cost” – as a way of paying back – for the wonderful benefits and advantages my family and I have enjoyed by working within the networking industry. I’ve also chosen to offer this material at “no cost” – so maybe a few people who have been forced to endure what I deem as hucksterism – can see that there is a kinder and gentler – and far nicer aspect to the networking industry – than they might have thought possible.

I truly hope the material present helps you learn to be a professional networker who earns more than a full time living – by sharing exceptional life changing products with others.

See what I’m doing now.

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