A Time To Remember

The Preface

“Stop Threatening – Start Doing.” For years now I’ve been threatening to write my “how to” book discussing how to build a networking business. Kare, (my wife of 30 some odd years now), and I, have been very successful in building networking businesses.

We’ve focused on leading with the product—teaching about the product – knowing that the business would build.

Over the years, Kare and I have collected a lot of stories – a lot of “how to’s”, and “why to’s” – focused around building a strong vibrant networking business – that helps others reach their goals in life.

As you read this “blog” – you’ll discover the stories – you’ll find out what works – and what doesn’t and why. Enjoy the read.

From time to time as I remember more stories – I’ll add more sections of the blog. Come back often. Read the new materials. I promise not to preach about any specific company or product. What I am writing – is a way of helping others – a payback if you will – for all those who helped us along the way.

Charles Possick

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