You Are In The Next Business

As a networker – building a strong vibrant expanding downline – you are an educator in the next business.

How many teachers do you know who go home and cry about giving a few students in their classroom an F or a D for the semester? Teachers don’t – you shouldn’t either.

In the Post Office when you are standing in line – you hear a very wonderful four letter word being yelled. The Postal Clerk has just finished with a customer and they yell out “Next”

You are in the next business.

There’s an old networking poem that goes like this

Some will — Some won’t

So what –

Who’s next?

Some people are ready to learn about the wonderful benefits of your products – some people aren’t. Some people are ready to begin building a network business – some people aren’t

So what – go on and find the next person.

You are in the Next business.

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