What Do You Really Own

As you build a Networking Business – you are building two major assets. The first asset is the cash flow that comes from the distributorship you are building. At some point in time – if you decide you do not like working with the current company you area associated with – if you have built significant cash flow from your distributorship – you have the right to sell that distributorship.

If you are ever in that position – if the distributorship you have built – is with a company that is progressive – one that is continuing to build (and not on the decline) – you have a valuable asset that will bring good one time income from being sold.

In your Network Marketing Distributorship building process – at the same time you are building cash flow – you are also building one other very valuable asset – if you collect it.

What is that asset? It’s your “A List.” I define an “A-List” of people you have met along the way – who you have interacted with on a business or personal basis. Collect the names, addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses of these people. Contact them every few months. Keep in touch. Foster the relationship. Build your list – and keep it current.

Your “A List” is a most valuable asset. When you decide to work with another program – if you’ve built your “A List” – you will have at your finger tips thousands of folks – who understand the Networking Industry – who you can reach out to – and tell them about your new venture.

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