The 20-Year Failure

It’s remarkable how many stories I hear from people who say “I’ve been in Network Marketing for 20 years – and I’ve never made any money.” On the surface – they are saying the unheard words “Therefore I believe Networking doesn’t work — and anyone who tries to tell me different is trying to run a scam on me.”

Wow. That’s really heavy energy.
But for some folks – it’s true.

When I meet folks like that I ask them to list off the companies they’ve worked with in their networking career. They can usually list off 20 or so – and I immediately tell them..

“Hey you haven’t been in Network Marketing for 20 years. You’ve been in Network Marketing 1 year 20 different times.”

In essence – they managed to jump from program to program – looking for their own personal “holy grail” – only to find that they can’t find it. They haven’t chosen the companies to work with wisely. They’ve been switched from company to company by distributor friends who want them to jump from one company to one another always seeking the not new opportunity which is going to make them a million dollars next week.

If you are going to build a successful network-marketing career – you have to choose a good company and continue to build to year after year after year. Give your business time to mature – don’t jump around – at least don’t jump from the frying pan into the fire.

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