It All Began Here

Way back in 1979 – when Kare and I were married – I decided I wanted to work from home. I was already an entrepreneur. I did not then nor do I have now the temperament to work for someone else.

But I also did not want to work in an office from 8 AM to 5 PM. That was simply too confining for me. Also – if one worked from their own home – the several thousand dollars a month – that paid for the office – the “overhead” – simply disappeared.

Within a few months of our getting married – we were introduced to Network Marketing. A very trippy older couple came to our home to install a water distiller. The installer (the husband) went about his business. The wife – told us about a wonderful company – and introduced us to the concept of Network Marketing – and yes – she invited us to our first MLM meeting.

We went – I was hooked – because we could work from home – Kare and I could work together – we could raise our family together. We would have two children – and I would be home to enjoy being with the children during the days – not just during the weekends.

During our career in Networking – I discovered – I could not build the business alone. I would eventually get to a point where I just couldn’t do it. But when Kare and I worked together as a team – wow – beautiful things did happen. Kare is the natural networker – and I’m the natural administrator – and support person.

There are so many stories to relate about the process of growing a business – and how we discovered what we each could do to make the business prosper. I’ll relate these in other sections of this blog.

But right now – let it suffice – that the real reason we started building a networking business was I wanted to work from home – I did not want to work from an office – and I could not (because of my temperament) prosper working for someone else.

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