Life Changing vs Life Enhancing Products

Network Marketing Companies typically bring two types of products to the market. Life Changing Products – products that can revolutionize or significantly change lives
or – simply Life Enhancing Products – products that will make your life better.

Typically – we’ve worked with and marketed truly Life Changing Products.

Life Enhancing Products — are nice products to have – but they compete with many other very similar products. Typically these type of products are sold by networkers who focus on how much money you can make by convincing others to change to their brand of product.

The problem with focusing on selling these type of products is that when you are dealing with truly Life Enhancing Products – the only way you can easily build a network of buyers is by using the hype of “making a bunch of money.” And – when you elect to use that hype – you are building your new home on a base of quicksand that will quickly erode from under you.

Practicing the Life Enhancing Product sales game is much like the acrobat in the circus who spins plates on sticks on a table. He gets a few plates spinning – then has to rush back to spin the first few plates – before he can spin the next set of plates. Over and over the acrobat rushes back to keep the whole row spinning – until ultimately –around the 20th plate – all plates fall down and he’s worn out and done.

But find a networking product that truly changes live – and show folks how their lives can be changed for the better – and wow – oh – wow – are you able to build a strong networking business – a business that will produce large amounts of money for yourself and for others who follow you in explaining the Life Changing Product to others.

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