City Slickers

As you build your business – you are going to find a number cowboys and cowgirls that come from the city. There nice people – they can come from anyplace – but they have the habit of the city slickers who talk about riding the horse – and then never ride.

These are folks I call Mouthivators. That’s my term for them. I made it up a couple of decades ago. They will talk your ear off about how they are going to be your best and strongest business builder. But they don’t recruit anyone.

They talk about being motivated – but they are not motivated enough to take action.

In essence they are like cowboys and cowgirls who saddle up – but they never ride.

What do you do about your mouthivators. Nothing. Let them be. They like to think of themselves as business builders – but they have some genetic defect that doesn’t let them build. You won’t overcome this.

Go on to the next person who is worthy of your time.

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